Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity, Design, Campaigns, Digital Concept & Creation, POS, Trade Marketing, Island Design Animal Crossing:New Horizons

Together with our client essence we have every reason to be proud. As of September 2021, the entire product range of essence will be produced 100% vegan. With our campaign “PROUD TO BE 100% VEGAN“ we are celebrating this huge achievement of the brand which targets the mindset of the GenZ. Proud. Powerful. Pink. And vegan! Because we believe that we can make the world a better place with every step we take.
The vegan news gets communicated via still and moving content, spread over Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Influencers share the good news with their community. One of the highlights is the essence vegan island in Nintendo`s video game “Animal Crossing - New Horizons“ - that got published in December 2021! Come and visit the island via the dreamcode DA-0515-9574-4317