“It’s not magic. It’s makeup.” The CATRICE Make-over. With a new CI and a new branding concept.

Make-up thrives on the magic of transformation. The successful beauty brand CATRICE sets an example and presents itself in a completely new look & feel. Our task was to create a unique CATRICE world that triggers the same brand associations at every touchpoint. What these are is perfectly summed up by CATRICE`s new claim: “It`s not magic. It`s makeup.”

This gives the cosnova brand its first brand claim, which is visually reflected in a fresh, powerful corporate identity and a strategically enhanced branding concept. The magic of CATRICE is revealed in an imaginative exaggeration of reality, which is intended to arouse curiosity in the viewer. It is about celebrating the pleasure of transformation with the help of make-up. The focus is on small moments that people stumble upon because they bring a certain magic to everyday life.

Before the brand relaunch we hosted a multi-stage workshop with the entire CATRICE team.